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Kelly Roberts  

“I believe that Tony is one of the best teachers out there. My experience to his class is wonderful and he managed to follow up our progress from time to time. So this is not only one or two lectures, but a longer term learning process provided by Tony.


I learned a lot from him. He greatly improved my investing skills and I like his N-Buy and N-Sell signals very much. It is easy to learn and effective. I am able to buy and hold my positions for a complete business cycle. Thank you Tony!”

Orly Amor
Tom Cauley

Jack Cooper

“I have accumulated substantial amount of wealth through my own business. For the last 20 years, my wealth was managed by so-called professional wealth management. Unfortunately, the return through out the years was extremely poor and I have to pay for enormous management fees.


I am glad that I subscribed Tony’s service. Now, I can manage my portfolio by myself and follow the guidance from Tony’s team. We had very good returns for the last couple years. I recommend everyone to join Tony’s program.”

Dave John

“Tony ‘s N-Buy and N-Sell pattern is very easy to learn and can yield stunning returns in investing. No matter you are a long term investor or a short term investor. These patterns are going to be very a life-long know-how that anyone should learn before they invest.


I sincerely thank you Tony G. for teaching us with passion and heart.”

Dan Doolan
Margaret Bell

Jade Foster

“I have been learning from Tony for 2 years and he definitely opened my eyes in the financial market. Think back two years ago, I was very naive and immature towards the equity market.


The thing i like about Tony’s lecture is that he believe in both fundamental analysis and fundamental analysis. His point of view is very accurate most of the time.

Craig Miller

“I love Tony’s weekly analysis very much. He went over almost all area of investing including US stocks, Japan, India, and Major merging markets. His analysis was very accurate through out the last two year since I joined the program.


Keep it up! Tony, you are one of the best mentors I encountered.”

Bob Turnbull
John Wang

John Wang

“Tony is a great teacher and mentor. I am glad that I made the right decision.

I joined his lecture several years ago in Hong Kong. He taught me a lot in his lectures and I am grateful that he kept following up our progress daily. In his mind, education is a long process requires the educator to provide continuous attention from time to time.

He is one of the best financial coach out there.”