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Tony G.’s proven system can help you maximize your profit and minimize trading risks.

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With 18 years of investing experience, Tony G. developed a simple yet effective strategy to assist his investment on the financial market. It works perfectly for him for the last decade. The strategies provide him a framework for his decision making process.  He successfully avoided the 2008 crash because of the system he used. And most importantly, he would like to share this core strategy with people who is willing to learn.


We believe in both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. You can never profit big without knowing the details of the company you are buying into. We believe that technical analysis can assist in picking a better timing when we have an edge over the market.


We have track record to show you that these strategies and principles are working well. Tony G. shows us his stunning investing result with trade records to prove that his system is an effective way of achieving our financial goal.

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Hi! This is Tony G.

I have been working in the finance industry for the past 18 years. Went through a few business cycles and I am still surviving in the industry. Few years ago, I quit my job as a researcher at a mutual fund company to start my education career in Hong Kong which I thought would help a lot of retail investors to become successful.


In the first year of start investing, I lose all my hard earned money on futures and the Forex market. I was so desperate not only because the financial lost but also feeling frustrated about the financial market. I did all my preparations before engaging the future market and I read all the books I was supposed to read. How come I am still a failure?


I was lucky enough to meet my life-changing mentor later who opened my eyes wide. He taught me how to combine fundamental analysis, macro economics and technical analysis to get an edge over the market. It was so useful and he quickly improved my performance in the market.


Today, I would like to do the same. To pass along precious life-changing how-know to people who are willing to learn. Many successful people have said before “real successful person is the one who are willing to make other succeed.”

tony g.

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Tony G. ‘s system 


+$1,093   |   +10.21%


+$863   |   +8.40%


+$812   |   +8.48%


+$670   |   +6.50%


+$797   |   +7.93%


+$617   |   +6.20%


+$703   |   +6.85%


+$641   |   +6.12%


+$684   |   +6.60%


+$638   |   +6.03%

See why we can consistently profit in the market….

“Tony ‘s experience can provide your guidance and confidence to win the stock market. Follow our easy to learn system give you a definite advantage in investing stocks…” 

Be a Pro

We will show you how professional investors invest.

Be Independent

You will be able to make investment decision on your own

Be Wealthy

We help you build your wealth across time.

Your life-changing success in investing is easy if you make the right decision now!

Now you can become a better investor with Tony G.’s N-Signals trading strategy:

A. Recognize the N-Signals


B. Be able to use Price and Volume as indicators


C. Identify when we have an edge over the market

N-buy N-sell complete course DVD
tony g.

Tony G.

Family Office Chief Investment Officer & Mentor

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